Christopher "Chris" Taylor
Best Friends Forever character
First appearance "Pilot"
Created by Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
Portrayed by Jason Dolley
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Basketball Player
Spouse(s) Amy Abraham (wife; divorced)
Significant other(s) Jessica Crawford
Maria Anderson
Religion Christain

Christopher John "Chris" Taylor is a fictional character in the popular Disney Channel TV series, Best Friends Forever. He was portrayed by an actor Jason Dolley, and appears as main character for three seasons. In season four, he becomes recurring because Dolley was filming another TV series at that time. Chris is a Nick's best friend, close friend with Sasha, Zack and Cassie, and is Amy's boyfriend. Chris had a small role in film adaptation, Best Friends Forever: The Movie, but he will return as a main character in Best Friends Reunion in 2018.


Jason Dolley has audience to play as Chris Taylor for the show. But Dolley, Josh Hutcherson and Mitchel Musso were be audience to each one to play as Nick David. When finding one, Musso and Dolley seems that they start being dropped out for casting as Nick, both would start to have longer hairs, till Hutcherson has lead onto the role as Nick, for he has a little bit long hair to play as Nick. Until Dolley returns to play Chris Taylor for the show while Musso will be playing as Nick's childhood friend Duncan Harris into the upcoming Best Friends Forever: The Movie, which was release of April 9, 2010.

Chris remains as a main characte for three seasons, and became recurring in season 4 as he signed up for a musical career and is away on tour and was also homeschooled. This is due to the fact that Dolle signed up to star in another TV series, Good Luck Charlie.


Chris has blonde hair, and blue eyes, and is a basketball player. He met Amy and the two fell in love, but the two only became friends. Meanwhile, Chris and Amy are being accused by their friends that they are dating, so they pretend to date. In the meantime, they are actually in love until Chris met another girl hurting Amy's feelings so the two did not speak again. Later, Amy gets around with Nick, but their relationship ended only as friends. Plus, Chris broke up with his girlfriend, so he can be with Amy, and at this time, they share their first kiss.

But in season 2, they broke up for the first time when Amy is being kissed by bully Brat, with Chris accusing her for cheating on him thanks to Cassie's jokes. They got back together, but Chris, who still does not believe her, is secretly dating Maria, and has not told her that she is dating Amy. Later, Cassie, Zack and Sasha discovers the secret when Maria is dating Chris, so they told Amy and does not believe them because he made a promise until she found out herself and broke up with him again. Later, Chris' feelings still belongs to Amy so he broke up with Maria to get back together with her. After getting back together with her, he gave her a braclet to promise her he will always be with her. But things change until season 3 when Chris is forced to move far away with his mother, because his parents have gotten a divorce. Although, he and his brother and sister hopes that they would visit their father, hopefully, Chris would most likely see his other friends, especially his ture love, Amy. He also signs up to attend the same college with Amy attended, in order to keep their relationhip alive. He promised to never date someone else until they get together for college.

In season 4, Chris returns to town to spend sime time with his dad, especially Amy, but Cassie and Zack discovers that Chris is on the phone with another girl, named Jessica, meaning that Chris is cheating on Amy, without her notice. They did not told her for about a week until Amy overhears from them and got very upset and angry, and has not spoken to them ever since. Until now, Cassie and Zack decides to invite Chris to Amy's house for a movie night, and things became a disaster. Chris told the secret and the two broke up for good. A few episodes later, Chris is moving back to his hometown because his parents are getting back together again. He is begging Amy to get back together again he broke up with Jessica, but Amy told him he already had a boyfriend, named Bradley. On accident, he kissed her, making Amy to keep a secret from Bradley until she found out that he is cheating on her with another girl, and the two broke up. Meanwhile in the series finale, he sees Chris sees Amy, thinking that they two should move on. However, after mistakingly kissed Zack, she kissed Chris and the two renewed their relationship. Afterwards, their relationship has been restored. In the future, Chris and Amy hoped that they could be married and have children together.