iCarly: The Sequel
ICarly The Sequel Poster
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Dan Schneider
Produced by Omar Camacho
Written by Robin Weiner
Starring Miranda Cosgrove
Jennette McCurdy
Nathan Kress
Jerry Trainor
Noah Munck
Nico Tortorella
Kristen Stewart
Chris Brown
Music by Michael Corcoran
Cinematography Joe Catania
Bruce Rand Berman
Editing by Michael Szczurko
Neil Sheridan
Production company Nickeldeon Movies
Schneider's Bakery
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates July 27, 2012[1]
Running time 103 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $75 million
Box office $284.3 million

iCarly: The Sequel is a 2012 American comedy film. It is a film adaptation, known as a sequel to the the 2010 film, iCarly: The Movie which is based on the Nickelodeon TV series with the same name. Nico Tortorella, Kristen Stewart and Chris Brown will guess star in the film as new charcters and special guests.

With production taking place from July 2011 to January 2012, plus a three month break from filming due to Miranda Cosgrove's heal injury from tour bus accident, it was theatrically released worldwide on July 27, 2012. Despite mixed reviews, the film is still a huge commercial success, earning $284 million, though lower than the first film's gross.


The story takes place two years after the events of the first film. After winning the award for "Funniest Web Series", iCarly got out of control once again by outgoing fans. Meanwhile, Spencer decides to take his sister Carly and her friends on a trip on MS Majesty of the Seas after winning $10,000 from lottery. Meanwhile, while out going to a club with Sam, Carly gets distracted and fell in love with a boy named Dustin while Spencer also gets distracted and fall in love with a girl named Cassie. Later, Carly got into an argument with Sam and Freddie after overhearing them depaturing iCarly and left them.

Meanwhile, Carly and Dustin spend time one last time before admitting that he lived on this boat since he was born and he was homeschooled. Reports are heard that the ship is going to crash, causing stress for Dustin who accidentally slaps Carly in anger. Carly, upset, ran away from him and heads to Freddie, Sam and Spencer to warn them about the ship about to crash.

Meanwhile, Sam, who went out on a date, has been arrested for stealing, but she's claiming that she didn't steal anything. Carly, Freddie and Spencer managed to escape Sam from jail and leave the boat. However, the cruise is heading towards to a iceberg. Carly begs the policemen to help them rescue the ship from getting hit.

When the storm arrives, the ship is heading towards the iceberg. Carly, Sam and Freddie are having trouble turning the ship around. Thanks to Dustin and the sailers, they became heroes rescuing the ship from getting destroyed. Carly and Dustin ended their romantic relationship as Carly accepts Dustin to stay on a cruise. The two became friends rather than a couple. After rescuing the ship, Carly, her friends and Spencer headed back to Seattle and continue filming more "iCarly" episodes where everything has once again been restored.



Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor and Noah Munck will reprise their roles as Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, Spencer Shay, and Gibby Gibson, respectivetly.[4] Noah Munck, who is became a supporting character from season 1-3, will appear in the film as a main character like he was in season 4 as Gibby Gibson.[5] Mary Scheer and Greg Mullavy will return for the film as Freddie's mother Marissa Benson and Carly's Gradad Shay.[5] Demi Moore, who appeared in iCarly: The Movie as Carly's mother Mariah, will return to the sequel as her mother again.[5] Aria Wallace, who did not appear in the film but appear in the show, will finally appear in the film as Mandy Valdez, Carly's huge fan who always annoys her.[5] Although, it turns out that she will never be appearing into both iCarly films.[6] Ethan Munck, who played Guppy in season 4, will appear in the film.[5] Jane Lynch is originally going to star into the film, but she did not get the scripts.[7] Also Demi Moore confimed that her character was never been giving the part in the film as well as Ellen Roberts.[8] Carly and Spencer's dad Steven was originally going to appear in the film, but the plans has been later scrapped.[9] Luckly, their dad was seen for the first time in the show's series finale, iGoodbye, played by David Chisum.

Carter Jenkins will be playing as Carly Shay's love interst, Dustin.[10] But he will be replaced by Scream 4 actor Nico Torotorella.[11] Kristen Stewart decided to sign up for the role as a love interest of Spencer after she had finished with The Twilight Saga to continue up for her career.[12] Stewart is also filming another project, Snow White and the Huntsman. Although, filming conflict for the film has been avoid so that she can continue on filming another project.[13] Jadin Gould and Olivia Hosken will be replaced by Bailee Madison and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn for the role of younger Carly and Sam to make them look more younger for a flashback scene where they first met.[14][15] Bobby Coleman will play the role of younger Freddie Benson,[16] and Munck's younger brother Ethan Munck, whom play Guppy, will also play the role as younger Gibby.[17] The cast as the younger Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby were later scrapped because the scene did not fit well in the film.[18] Like the first film, the sequel will also have a musical performance of Chris Brown set to perform a song during a scene where Carly and her friends were on vacation on cruise.[19] His single "Turn Up the Music" will be featured in the film from sountrack Fortune taking place at a scene where Carly and her friends are at a teenage night club.[20] It was confirmed that was originally Pink going to guess star in the film,[21] but she was pregnant during filming and had to drop out.[22] So she was instead replaced by Brown.



In August 2010, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies revealed that a sequel is in the works after iCarly: The Movie's box office success.[23][24][25] Although, Nickelodeon Movies confirmed in September 2010 that the film will not be released in theaters but will be released on television instead.[26] It was originally going to be a television film unlike iCarly: The Movie, but with the success of iCarly: The Movie grossing $405 million worldwide, they changed their minds and decide to release the film theatrically in theaters.[27] The sequel is to be titled iCarly: The Sequel where it means that this is the second installment after the first one instead of iCarly 2 to avoid confusion against video game with the same title.[28] On August 23, 2010, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies confirmed the film's July 27, 2012 release date,[29] two years after the previous film.[30] Miranda Cosgrove paid $200,000 to play as the role as Carly Shay for the film.[31]



iCarly: The Sequel mainly took place in MS Majesty of the Sea.

Currently, the film is in pre-production beginning on November 2010. Principal photography began on July 20, 2011. It is reported that scenes of the sequel will be taking place on the MS Majesty of the Seas to film the scene where Carly and friends goes on vacation. Cosgrove and Tortorella will be filming a couple of kissing scenes in the film where they are on vacation. And also, there will be a scene where Carly and her friends were arrested unlike Sam who got arrested from the previous film who violatetly attacks at the Casino all by herself. This film is luckly to be set during or after the fifth season of the TV series which begins production in 2012.

Nathan Kress revealed that the film will be similar than the first film including a similar story of Sam being arrested. Filming will begin in July beginning with the scene where there is a flashback scene where Carly and her friends first met, but the plans for the flasback scenes were later scrapped from the film. It will set two years after the events of iCarly: The Movie. On August 11, 2011, it was reported that Miranda Cosgrove was involved in a tour bus accident and breaks her ankle.[32] It was reported thet resuming filming for the film will postpone till towards the end of next month until Cosgrove's ankle heals. The film will not be canceled, and the release date of July 27, 2012 will still happen. It was said that filming will wrap up in December 2011.[33] As Cosgrove's ankle heals, filming for iCarly: The Sequel continued on November 4, 2011.[34] According to Jennette McCurdy, the film has wrapped up filming on January 27, 2012 in Los Angeles.[35] Filming after season 4 and before season 5, Nickelodeon confirmed that the current season of iCarly will be the last season and the series finale is due to be released in November 2012.[36] So the film will be released during its current season.


Main article: iCarly: The Sequel (soundtrack)

iCarly: The Sequel soundtrack was released a month ahead of the film's release on June 26, 2012 worldwide. Two singles "Stupid in Love" and "Coming Home" two music videos will be included. iCarly: The Sequel debuts at No. 3 at the Bilboard 200 earning 215,000 copies behind Living Things by Linkin Park (223,000) and Overexposed by Maroon 5 (222,000).[37] The soundtrack is 10,000 copies lower than iCarly: The Movie, which made 225,000 copies two years ago. It also debuts in first place at the Billboard 200 which finally beaten Eminem's Recovery after four weeks of being at the top chart. A week later, the soundtrack moved up from No. 3 to No. 1 with 155,000 copies (falling 30%) bringing its total to 370,000 copies beating Chris Brown's Fortune, which made 134,000 copies in it first week.[38]


The film's sneak peek was released on Nickelodeon December 16. A trailer for the film was released during a premiere of The Adventures of Tintin. It will also make a premiere on Nickelodeon following a premiere of a new iCarly episode. On January 17, 2012, it was confirmed by Jennette McCurdy on Twitter that the film's new trailer will premiere during a world premiere of the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards on March 31, 2012.[39] Tickets for the film will go on sale starting June 25, 2012, a month before the film's release.[40] The film received a G rating by MPPA for "all ages admitted".[41] The U.S. world premiere for iCarly: The Sequel was held at the El Capitan Theatre at 7:30 pm on July 19, 2012.[42] The U.K. world premiere did not happen due to the 2012 Summer Olympics and Miranda Cosgrove is unable to attend.[43] iCarly: The Sequel opens in 3,825 theaters nationwide, including 2,425 theaters for midnight showings.[44]


Box officeEdit

Following the Aurora shooting, midnight screenings for iCarly: The Sequel has been canceled in Colorado.[45] Although, it did very well at the box office earning $5,805,000 in midnight showings, outbursting its predecessor, which made only $4 million.[46] It than grossed $18,101,885 in it's opening day topping the box office, slightly lower than it's predecessor, which made $19,330,010.[47] In it's opening weekend, iCarly: The Sequel made a total of $33,188,890, down 17 percent from it's predecessor, which made $50,325,710.[48] It ranked second place on the charts over the weekend behind The Dark Knight Rises ($62,101,451), while in it's second weekend after dropping 61 percent from last week. In its second week, the film suffered a 58% drop earning $13.5 million, bringing its total to $58.5 million, a smaller drop than the original, but it made $16 million in its second weekend, for a total of $80 million in its second week.

The film ranked #3 overseas with $41.3 million overseas from 18 foreign countries, bringing its worldwide total to $74.4 million.[49] In its second week, it moved up 20 percent to #2, bringing yet another $44.1 million from 34 foriegn countries, for a total of $92.2 million. Worldwide, it brought in a total of $150.7 million.[50] After three weeks after its release, it finally reached the #1 spot overseas, earning $36.1 million, bringing its total to $125.7 million, and $195 million worldwide. In North America, iCarly: The Sequel grossed $92,210,132. With $192,135,931 overseas, this brings a total to $284,346,063 worldwide. It is 28% lower than the first film, which made $405,792,650 worldwide, and is Nickelodeon Movies' fourth most successful film to date worldwide behind iCarly: The Movie, The Last Airbender and True Jackson, VP: The Movie. The film's box office run ended on December 20, 2012.[51] It set a record as 2012's highest-grossing G rated film worldwide ever.[52]

Critical receptionEdit

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Miranda Cosgrove at the US premiere of iCarly: The Sequel.

iCarly: The Sequel reviews some mixed reviews, as most reviews are not as popular as predecessor. As of September 14, 2012, Rotten Tomatoes score iCarly: The Sequel a 58%, lower than a 65% of which is from the first film.[53] Top Critics scored iCarly: The Sequel a 33% based on 41 views,[54] and Metacritic gave it a 50% based on 37 views.[55] Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars. He wrote: "This indeed not one of the most anticipated films of 2012, but it did capture audiences hearts."[56] Joanne Bateman of The Hollywood Reporter describes the film: "it's yet the year's best family movie.[57]

Jonathan Henry of UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph gave the film a positive review. He praises and described: "when they called this movie the most anticipated movie of 2012, this is one of children's most anticipated movies of the year."[58] New York Daily News publisher Mike Lupica, who also reviewed the predecessor, also gave it a positive review. He describes the film: "They have done it again. Better than the last movie, going on vacation on a cruise can be better than going on vacation to Las Vegas.[59]

Joyce Walker of The New York Times praised: "more excitement and more adventure, by taking the trip on cruise.[60] Also, what's intersting is that there are some scenes that will be very intense for iCarly fans that they will shock them." Kyle Stevens of Variety states: iCarly: The Sequel is bigger and better than iCarly: The Movie.[61] Andy Adams of Entertainment Weekly states: "funny, exciting and emotional movie for the entire family."[62] IGN gave the film five out of ten stars, also stating it: "the best family movie of the year."[63] E! Online graded the film a B- stating it is the perfect movie for the entire family.[64] CinemaScore scored the film a B-.[65]

Home mediaEdit

iCarly: The Sequel was released on DVD, Blu Ray and Two Disc Delux Edition on Monday December 24, 2012.[66] That same day, it was also released on DVD in the UK.[67] Inside the DVD, a sneak peek for Nickelodeon Movies' new project Victorious: The Movie is seen.[68] It topped the DVD sales chart earning 1.5 million views ($11.2 million) during the film's DVD release weekend debut.[69] As of June 2013, iCarly: The Sequel earned 3.1 million ($45.2 million).[70]


Award Category Result Recipient Source
2013 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Movie Nominated Cast & Crew [71]
Favorite Movie Actress Nominated Miranda Cosgrove [72]
2013 MTV Movie Awards Best Female Performance Nominated Miranda Cosgrove [73]
Best Scared-as-S**t Performance Nominated Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck [74]
Best Musical Moment Nominated Miranda Cosgrove - "Sayonara" [75]
2013 Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie: Comedy Won Cast members [76]
Choice Movie: Liplock Won Miranda Cosgrove and Nico Tortorella [77]


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