Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush - Part 2
Jane Hoop Elementary The Final Rush Part 2 Soundtrack.png
Film score by James Newton Howard
Released July 5, 2011
Recorded Spring 2011
Genre Soundtrack
Length 1:01:30
Superhero World chronology
The Final Rush - Part 1
The Final Rush - Part 2
Heroes Forever: The New Beginning (2016)
 Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars11px11px11px11px
BBC Positive
Filmtracks 3/5 stars11px11px11px11px
IGN 8/10 stars7px7px7px7px7px7px7px7px7px
Movie Music UK 5/5 stars11px11px11px11px

Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush - Part 2 is the soundtrack to the 2011 film with the same name. It was composed by James Newton Howard, and was released on July 5, 2011, three days before the film's theatrical release.


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For Part 2, it was not confirmed rather or not Howard will be returning to compose music for Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush - Part 2.[1] Also, rumors spalshes around that Howard will return to compose this soundtrack. Howard states "we're not starting with Part 2 yet, because we're in production of completing Part 1, which will take about a couple of months to get it all done." Than by February 2011, Howard has finished composing Part 1, and said he will indeed be back to compose Part 2, which starts in spring 2011.

It is currently targeting the soundtrack's release date July 2011 following the release of Part 2 of the film with the same title of July 2011 release.[1] It was released on July 5, 2011, eight months after Part 1. On June 29, the entire soundtrack was leaked online.


Here are the tracklists for The Final Rush: Part 2.

All songs written and composed by Dan Wilson. 
No. Title Length
1. "The Final Chapter"   1:45
2. "Alice's Grandparents"   2:51
3. "Heather's Disperse"   4:10
4. "Cory and Stephanie"   3:33
5. "Cincinnati Museum"   5:14
6. "Dragon Attacks Cincinnati Museum"   2:39
7. "Winton Woods Park"   2:57
8. "The Water Monster"   2:15
9. "Alice and Hunter"   2:57
10. "King's Island"   2:15
11. "Alec and Rebecca"   4:14
12. "Danny, Alec and Rebecca vs. Heather"   3:00
13. "Back to Cincinnati"   4:49
14. "Force field"   2:10
15. "Cincinnati Attack"   9:50
16. "Death of Goldenman"   3:49
17. "Death Upon Us"   2:21
18. "Danny's Sacrafice"   5:11
19. "Danny Returns"   3:50
20. "Cory and Stephanie"   2:49
21. "The End of the Battle"   1:04
22. "Farewell Catwoman"   2:10
23. "A New Beginning"   1:34
Total length:


Critical responsesEdit

Early reviews gave the soundtrack positive reviews. Amy Stone reviewed it on June 26, 2011 rating it 5/5 stating "Like Part 1, this soundtrack is better than ever. Most of the songs fit in the ending of the franchise perfectly. Williams did an terrific job." Andrew Baker give it 5/5 stating: "A perfect way to hear the ending songs."

Andrew Baker rated 4/5 stating: "the most intense soundtrack anyone has ever listen, even it makes me even more excited to see this movie. This is the best one in the series yet." Mike Winehouse of rated the soundtrack 7/10 stating: "Williams has done it again. Despite with lack of effects, he will pretty sure do better than ever. Wonder if he can still have another hope to continue with Part 2."

Carlos Green rated the soundtrack mixed to 5/10 stating of the film soundtrack's orchestrations, but negatively disgussed of the main theme song not fully listen and heared throughout the soundtrack. He also states of the idea of the sound effects of the soundtrack were perfect enough to make the film more epic and fill with excitement, but mostly the express of the songs in the film would need a main theme song of the franchise ever since used in the previously to make it really 100 percent more excited so anyone will be super and super excited to see the film.

Commercial successEdit

Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush - Part 2 is by far the highest-charted Jane Hoop Elementary soundtrack ever. It ranked number eighteen at the US Billboard 200. However, it topped the US Top Soundtracks, making it the second Jane Hoop Elementary soundtrack (after The Final Rush - Part 1) to do so.


Charts (2011) Peak
US Billboard 200 18
US Top Soundtracks 1


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