"The School Escape"
Best Friends Forever episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 28 and 29
Written by Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
Directed by Duke Johnson
Production no. 128 and 129
Original airdate Part 1: August 17, 2007
Part 2: August 24, 2007
Guest stars

Taylor Lautner

Episode chronology
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""The First Spring Once Again"" ""Welcome to Seventh Grade and Goodbye Old Friends""
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"The School Escape" is a two-part season finale for the first season of Best Friends Forever. Splitting in two parts, "The School Escape - Part 1" was released on August 17, 2007, and "The Final Rush - Part 2" aired a week later on August 24, 2007.


Part 1Edit

On the last day of school, Amy returned home and gets heartbroken that Chris has forgotten about their 5 month anniversary, so she broke up with him. Cassie and Zack disagrees on her with another boy and taking care of bully Brat, which not suppost to come here, due to his failure of punishment is beating on them. Meanwhile, Nick and the boys battles with other boys in basketball. And Sasha's gross grandmother is coming with her, which she's not allow to. Cassie and Zack have their chance to start getting Brat Morrison, their bully into trouble, by making him to seen from anyone letting him not to come. Meanwhile, the principal spots him checking on the list and his name was not on it, when he has been send back to Elementary school and the both saved the day. Meanwhile, the both are now going to let Amy and Chris to get back together. Meanwhile, Nick and the boys weren't going too well playing basketball with the tough guys in basketball, but can start to give some more strength into it from his love Sasha.

Part 2Edit

Sasha, Rebecca and Crystal were stopping Sasha's gross grandmother Wanda to come here. Amy and Ben starts have their best relationship, when they were planning their marriage to became as boyfriend and girlfriend forever. Meanwhile, Chris stops the wedding and tells anyone that Andy lies that he hates Amy's friends. Later, she believes him and broke up with Adam and goes back with Chris.


Main charactersEdit



"The School Escapes" debut with 10.4 million viewers of the premiere, making it the highest rated episodes into the show. However in 2009, it was later broken by How the Bullies Stole Christmas with 10.5 million, featuring guess stars of Jonas Brothers.


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