The universe in the Jane Hoop Elementary franchise contains settings such as places, objects and timelines.


Jane Hoop Elementary BaseEdit


Jane Hoop Elementary Base

The Jane Hoop Elementary Base is a official American boarding school home in Jane Hoop Elementary series by Rita Christensen. This building lives inside Cincinnati, Ohio is only 4,000 years old.[2] That is the home of the Jane Hoop Elementary.[2] It was set in the middle of the Square, which a Restaurant first appears in The Final Rush.[2] It was first seen in a scene of Romance.[2]

The gang; Danny Gorden, Rebecca Henry, Alec Gutzwiller, Cory Berning and Jaquille Short are the main persons of the base, going to be staying at the Base forever, because they like living at their homes of Catwoman going to destroy their home. Their base was to be the tallest building of Cincinnati, Ohio on the Carew Tower.

Inside were the gym; bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen; outside behind were playroom of sports, living room for a giant television and their prison only seen in Morphin the Power.[2] The Base gets several of damages attacks by Catwoman from the third, fourth, fifth and final book.[2]

The Base was first appears in The First, The base was been shown to Rebecca.[2] Until in Goldenman's Revenge, The Base was defends by Danny and friends to protect it and Mayor and Miss. Watson.[2] This Base appears into all of the series.[2] In The Magic Ball, The Base was completely Destroyed by Dr. Catwoman using her magic and in Morphin the Power, It was completely set for the damages of the Base making the gang to lose their powers.[2]

Include inside the Base, the scenes of the base were filmed inside the Mayor's office of Cincinnati, Ohio.[2] The Base was filmed a block further closer to Catwoman's Base.[2] Inside were the gym; bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen; outside behind were playroom of sports, living room for a giant television and their prison.[2] It was filmed at the center of the Carew Tower Years set

Catwoman's BaseEdit


Catwoman's Base

Catwoman's Base is prison home into the Jane Hoop Elementary series which is stand out a location point in Ohio River. Dr. Catwoman has created her Base, which she has been planed to be evil, and wanting to rule the world, which no hero want to defeat her.[2] In The Final Rush, The Jane Hoop Elementary Gang has destroyed Catwoman's Base for good after Catwoman was defeated.[2]

The Base was made by Salma Green, by the time she is moving out of Catland so she can start to rule the world herself, by the time her parents were away being proud of her. At the meantime, she hires Kristen Dalma and Daniel Carter to be her assistances, brought her as friends since their school years. Meanwhile, Salma puts on a catsut and names herself Catwoman, Kristen puts on a light/green and named herself Shego Dalma, name giving after her's. And Daniel puts on a cape, and creates himself a spair and named himself Shadow the Monkeyman.

In The Magic Ball, Belle Lamar joins qym and she starts helping with Catwoman to rule the world. In Turbo of Catland and The Final Rush, Catman, Catboy and Catgirl (Mark, Brian and Alicia) starts joining with them to rule the world. For that, they are battling with Jane Hoop Elementary for years. In The Final Rush, the villains are being located to have a private meeting on raising Catwoman's army to destroy the world. Later, the Magic Ball is hidden into Catwoman's secret hideout where Alice Kingston and Hunter Suggs went on a hunt. Towards the end of the book with all of the villains died, the Base was mysteriously blown up and collapsed for personal reasons. This is because if Catwoman dies, her base will be demolished.

Turbo of CatlandEdit

Hinchinbrook Island

Location of Catland shot at the Hinchinbrook Island.

Based of Catwoman's family in a fantasy world, Turbo of Catland (sometimes just Catland for short) is a Lost-Island which has been 2 hours away from Cincinnati, Ohio, the hometown of Catwoman. It has first appears in The Magic Ball, which Catwoman visits at her home letting The Gang kept away from The Magic Ball.[2]

In Turbo of Catland, it has appears in the climax of the book which Catwoman celebrates a marriage by her daughter, Catgirl marry Danny, keeping evil forever and tricking him to kill his friends.[2] In The Final Rush, Catwoman calls on a distance of The Black Buzzers in her Volcano unleashing it to release everywhere killing the people of the world and the heroes.[2] By the time the villains were killed by the heroes, the heroes has destroyed that island.

Morphin the PowerEdit

Morphin the power

Morphin the Power

Morphin the Power is the lost island-forest into the Jane Hoop Elementary series, which has been created itself before Dacia was born alone on the island. It has first appears in the second book Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge.[2] In this book, Danny and Goldenman battle each other on the Second Power. Goldenman has beat Danny on the island, which has left. It is a official title from the fourth book, Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power.[2]

First Power Form when through the road of nowhere.[2] Second Power Form in the middle of the Ruins, with a fire torch sitting in middle of the circle.[2] Third Power Inside the forest, where hidden the powerful chamber for the Crystal Power.[2] There, the attacks of the four karate status, as they are finally destroyed[2] Meanwhile, the Chamber has open as the light hidden from four holes, as the door budges with The Crystal Power floating on the light[2] People inside the Lost Island Dacia.[2]

The Magic Ball is a magical pink-crystal-ball, which doesn't allow form created from a Magic-8 Ball.[2] The object is much powerful, form using it for good or evil, which God creates it, made a announce god only like the care of everyone of the world, within starts to pray to everyone, wildly wouldn't grant wishes from themselves to evil, only force to be good god.[2] It forms when the source of the power was translate some effect of the water, as the water changes the color pink, which the cloud also forms was came from it. The Magic Ball first appears into the third book in the series, The Magic Ball.[2] The Magic Ball returns into the final book. It would be created on the lost-island of Morphin the Power at the third power.


Danny in red for water (the leader), Rebecca in pink for wind, Alec in blue for fire, Cory in yellow for lightning and Jaquille in black for earth giving by Dacia for the Karate Powers in Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power.

Dacia has giving the Jane Hoop gang the five colors of red, pink, blue, yellow and black, met the five are the chosen ones.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: Goldenman's Revenge, Danny, Rebecca and Alec were teleported to Morphin the Power for the first time along with Goldenman, as the three battle against him at the second power.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Magic Ball, Danny, Rebecca, Alec, Cory and Jaquille went to the third power of Morphin the Power, where they were searching for The Magic Ball there. The villains snuck they right before Jaquille's about to grab it taken in away.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power, by the time the Jane Hoop Elementary Base is destroyed, Goldenman dying and the gang lost their powers, they must head to Morphin the Power and to get The Crystal Power at the third power, there Dacia can let them practice with their new powers to fight for the world of their hometown and faint for Cincinnati, Ohio. They'll get the Crystal Power to heal on Goldenman and to get their powers restore.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: Turbo of Catland, Blaze teleporter to that planet, therfore, Alec and Rebecca followed him to rescue him, while Dacia is battling with a attack of the giant eagler, coming to kill her. Meanwhile, Blaze is later kidnapped by Catwoman.

In Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush, Morphin the Power goes on attack by the Final Escapers; of Catgirl and Catboy, as the both floods the first power, than burn the second power and than destroys the third power Pyramid. By the time the villains died, Dacia has restore the island. There, it was hidden for The Magic Ball being found, till Catwoman stolen it.

For the scenes, this scene was mostly shot at the Forest, Ohio, when official shot in Oakwood, Missouri Morphin the Power has been a official are from the fourth book, when it is a titled place.


Jane Hoop Elementary ShipEdit


The Jane Hoop Elementary Ship in Turbo of Catland film adaptation.

The Jane Hoop Elementary Ship is a boat used from Jane Hoop Elementary, created by the SWAT Teammates. It first appears in The Magic Ball where Danny, Rebecca, Alec, Cory and Jaquille travels to Catwoman's homeland, Turbo of Catland. They got attacked by the ocean monster and gets thrown until they reached the island. The ship became a wreck.

The boat is rebuild and remodeled with the new Jane Hoop Elementary ship in Turbo of Catland. Cory, Jaquille, Naudia, Stephanie and Hunter travels to Turbo of Catland to rescue Danny, Rebecca and Alec with Blaze and his family as well as Alice, Jack and McKenzie.



The Catsub in Turbo of Catland film adaptation.

The Catsub is Catwoman's sub boat. Appears when Catwoman starts to prepare to travel across the sea to Catland for her daughter Catgirl's wedding. Blaze and Danny were being kidnapped, while Alec, Rebecca, Alice, Jack and McKenzie came in and rescue them, but got shrunk. Later, the five members unshrunk and escape from the sub leaving Danny and Blaze to head to the island first before they do. When they were there after stopping the wedding, they teleported back with Jack and McKenzie can take their ride home, but also teleported with it back.


Timelines, building of these years which the series was made in the 19th century and 20th Century first starts by the 1900s-2000s in the series by Rita Christensen.

The timeline of the book begins by 1993 as well it ended in 2011, as well the final series, Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rush to be released but released in 2005 and film in 2011, as well the other preceding films, not much for other same years also in the first series, Jane Hoop Elementary: The First. It digests with the births, year and deaths.

Birth yearsEdit

399 BC

Birth of Goldenman
Birth of Evan


Lou Kingston was born on May


Lilly Kingston was born in August


Mayor was born on May 21


Miss. Watson was born on December 4


Don Kingston was born on July 21


David Johnson was born on April 11


Janet Kingston, David's wife and Alice's mother, was born on May 2
Maria Dawns was born on July 18


Michael Walker was born on November 2


Dacia was born on March 12


Catman was born on May 2


Belle Lamar was born on March 26


Shadow the Monkeyman was born on May 24
Dr. Catwoman was born on November 15


Shego Dalma was born on May 22


Blaze was born


Robert Foster was born on March 1


Jaquille Short was born on February 13
Catboy was born on July 4


Catgirl was born on February 23
Alec Gutzwiller was born on June 30
Cory Berning was born on September 11
Stephanie Slaven was born on September 14
Jade Woods was born on Septemer 21
Danny Gorden was born November 17
Rebecca Henry was born on November 25


Naudia Gorden was born May 14


Alice Kingston was born on June 14
Hunter Suggs was born on August 7
Tiffany and Samantha were born


Birth of Ground Monster


Dano Gorden was born on June 12
Dana Gorden was born on June 21
Alan Gutzwiller was born on July 20
Ala Gutzwiller was born on August 22

Years in SeriesEdit


Danny, Alec, Cory, Jaquille and Rebecca raises in hospital, Rebecca is kidnapped


Naudia raises in hospital


Danny, Alec, Cory, Jaquille, Rebecca and Naudia living in Cincinnati, Ohio on a battle by Aliens when 6 years Rebecca returns in earth. Danny, Alec, Cory, Jaquille, Rebecca and Naudia living a battle for years


Danny and his friends entered their own video game to save it from a virus created by Catwoman.


Two years after the gang first adventure. Goldenman was re-born after 6000 years ago


Adventure of The Magic Ball


Attack of Evan that was re-born and Alice's birthday


Attack of Jane Hoop Elementary and rule over world


Attack by the end of the world, and death of Catwoman and other villains


March - Danny and Rebecca married
May - Alec and Naudia married
July - Stephanie and Cory married


May - Alice and Hunter married (unseen for next 4 years)



Murder of Janet Kingston - Catwoman murders her by stabbing in the stomach. Does not revealed until Jane Hoop Elementary: Turbo of Catland.


Death of Talking Monster - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary
Death of Ground Monster - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary


Death of Rebecca, but came from dead by Danny - Stabbed in stomach by Shego's spear


Death of Evan - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary
Death of Clone Danny - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary
Death of Clone Rebecca - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary
Death of Clone Alec - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary
Death of Clone Cory - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary
Death of Clone Jaquille - Attacked by Jane Hoop Elementary


Death of Catwoman's Monster - Attacked by Danny, Rebecca and Alec in super formation
Death of David Johnson - Stabbed to death by Catgirl
Murder of Janet Kingston - Secrets Revealed - murdered by Catwoman


Murder of Luke Watson - Murdered by Catgirl, but brings him to an evil souls from the power of the Magic Ball.
Death of Robert Foster - Stabbed to death by Catboy during a flight while rescuing Naudia Gorden from being attacked
Death of Blaze - Stabbed to death by Shego where she throws a knife before teleporting to make his escape while rescuing Danny, Rebecca and Alec
Death of Shego - Killed by Alice Kingston using Black Buzzer
Death of Monkeyman - Killed by Alec Gutzwiller using Black Buzzer
Death of Catman - Killed by SWAT using weapons includes Black Buzzer
Death of Catgirl - Killed by Jane Woods using Black Buzzer
Death of Catboy - Killed by SWAT using weapons includes Black Buzzer
Death of Belle - Killed by Miss. Bella Watson using Black Buzzer
Death of Goldenman, find in another future - Killed by Catwoman using Black Buzzer
Death of Catwoman - Killed by Danny using Black Buzzer


The list of several of objects were seen into the Jane Hoop Elementary series.

The FirstEdit

The First is the faint of the magical crystal stone, which founded in space, where the aliens were searching for it, and the humans using to have superpowers, and became superheroes, when the First is floating from the sunlight, sourcing that the family of the aliens have also powers only they were born with powers.[2] The object has first appears into the first book of the series, The First. [2]

Danny, Alec and Rebecca has read the book that have the news of it, that The First was the only power to have for children that are brave, which must be view into the museum, with regular would be belong to the president of the fantasy world. The aliens are searching it to destroy "The First", causes the gang to lose their powers forever.[2]

In The Final Rush, it was revealed that it was one of the powerful objects that can destroy The Final Rush, along with The Magic Ball and The Crystal Power. It was hidden in Morphin the Power, which will be the first one that to be taken to the Fountain Square, which is in the middle of Cincinnati to activate a power, before the Final Rush is seen from Catwoman raising evil.

The Cyber EscapeEdit

The Cyber Escape is a viral object that was created by Catwoman after hacking the viral reality Jane Hoop Elementary video game. It is a object shaped into a large rectangle and tops shaped in circle with a viral swirl inside the glass of the object. It was also used to take over human bodies in possession every time each video game player loses the game and back into real world, ended up being fully evil with the help of Shego's magical power that helps activate it.

The Cyber Escape was seen in the second book, The Cyber Escape. After Kirk Waters disappears, Catwoman managed to take him down by using the Cyber Escape, which she created, to summon his evil version of himself. As for the heroes, Jane Hoop Elementary arrived inside the video game to stop Catwoman and destroy the Cyber Escape.

In the end, Danny lost his friends and all ended up evil attacking their own Jane Hoop Elementary mentors as well as the world. Later, Danny and Kirk fight against Catwoman and other evil and barely defeated them and Danny destroys the Cyber Escape and restoring everything that Catwoman has caused. While writing The Final Rush, Christensen states that The Cyber Escape is not been used as a powerful object for an ultimate power as it was only seen in the second book, and will never be seen again.

The Magic BallEdit

The Magic Ball is the very powerful ball, that it has been used for good and evil. The Magic Ball appears into the third book, where it has hit at Morphin the Power. The Jane Hoop Elementary Gang starts giving to search, until Catwoman caught it. She starts ruling the world with The Magic Ball, as for, Belle starts frozen Danny's teammates, and a battle against Catwoman. He has wished that Catwoman is arrested, as for Belle leaves. In Turbo of Catland, David has keeping it in case of emergency, till evil goes over him. Within, David being stabbed to death, they stole it.

In The Final Rush, it was revealed that it was one of the powerful objects that can destroy The Final Rush, along with The First and The Crystal Power. It was hidden in Evan's World, which will be the second one that to be taken to the Fountain Square, which is in the middle of Cincinnati to activate a power, before the Final Rush is seen from Catwoman raising evil, which will be the touch one. After Danny, Rebecca and Alec were captured, they escaped with help of Blaze and his family, where they forgot about the Magic Ball. Catwoman than uses it to gain superpowers. Meanwhile, Alice and Hunter sneaks into Catwoman's Base to capture back the Magic Ball. During the fight between Danny and Catwoman, the Magic Ball has given its power to Danny to become invisible that he easily defeated Catwoman. Realizing that he has the power to control the universe, Danny decided to keep these powers, as Danny breaks the Magic Ball into pieces rejecting its power, so no one evil can take over it.

The Final RushEdit

In the fantasy world, The Final Rush (known as The Black Buzzers) is powerful and most looking object, which it has first appears only into the final book of the series, The Final Rush.[2] It forms the most powerful object of the fantasy world form only have been used for evil. The Final Rush is the most strong and electrical object, forms after when was not to allow to touch the Final Rush, will be electric and will be murdered after being shocked, because it was form from the shock wave, as "The Killing Electric" is the death machine.[2] To grab the Final Rush, must use something useful usually "The Magic Ball" forming to grab on the chronicle.[2]

The Final Rush is created by Catwoman's parents over 30 years ago, filling with the powerful secrets. Catwoman's daughter, Catgirl has unleashed it forming to begin killing Jane Hoop Elementary once and for all. Within it has been unleashed first when Catwoman arrives in Catland unleashing all of the Final Rushes form to murder all people.[2] These characters that uses by Jane Woods, kills Catgirl, SWAT kills Catman, Catboy and Catgirl, Alec Gutzwiller kills Shadow the Monkeyman and Alice Kingston kills Shego Dalma, Catwoman kills Goldenman and Danny Gorden kills Catwoman during the final battle.[2]

The only thing is that it must be destroyed is that they must get all three remaining powerful objects - The First, The Magic Ball and The Crystal Power - to activate an ultimate power that it must be destroyed, or else they'll die.

The Crystal PowerEdit

The Crystal Power is a crystal circle founded in Morphin the Power. It has first appeared into Morphin the Power, as it is very powerful. By the time The Base is destroyed and Goldenman dying, the Jane Hoop Elementary Gang start heading to Morphin the Power and start searching for The Crystal Power to heal Goldenman, rebuild Base, get their powers back and save the world. After defeating the dinosaurs, the gang has finally reached the Crystsal Power, and the gang has now got their powers activated. Meanwhile, Danny was ordered by Catwoman giving him the Crystal Power, or she'll let the Clones to kill his friends, and he did. Meanwhile, the gang went back to action and get the Crsyal Power, Alec sneaks it and grabs it. It's a battle with the gang and their clones when fighting over the Crystal Power. By the time Evan and the clones were defeated, The Dangerous Comets has falling in at sundown, and Danny is able to stop it with the Crystal Power, and it disappeared. Meanwhile, they used the Crystal Power and fixed everything and Goldenman came back to life.

In The Final Rush, it was revealed that it was one of the powerful objects that can destroy The Final Rush, along with The First and The Magic Ball. It was hidden in Catland, which will be the third and final one that to be taken to the Fountain Square, which is in the middle of Cincinnati to activate a power, before the Final Rush is seen from Catwoman raising evil. After the trios are being kidnapped by Luke Watson, the Crystal Power was shattered during their escape. Three pieces are hidden in three places, Cincinnati Museum, Winton Woods Park and King's Island. After capturing all three pieces and during a final fight between Danny and Catwoman, the power of the Crystal Power activates to Danny's body become as powerful as Danny killing Catwoman. After Catwoman's defeat, Danny's power are being gained from the Power of the Crystal Power to control any superabilities.

The Dangerous CometsEdit

The Dangerous Comets

The Dangerous Comets falling at sundown in Jane Hoop Elementary: Morphin the Power film adaptation.

The Dangerous Comets is a powerful and dangerous cloud from the school. The Dangerous comets first appears in Morphin the Power, where Evan starts activating with his powers and start to destroy the world with the dangerous cloud, falling from the sky. He let it fall till sundown. Meanwhile, Danny is able to stop it by using The Crystal Power, when it starts to disappear forever.

Green EggEdit

A Green Egg is a source of an object pretends a green-man, Evan was trapped after ended up in a argument with his brother-in-law, Goldenman. It first appears into the second book of the series, Goldenman's Revenge,[2] but in the film adaptations, the egg and a character doesn't appears, which actually appears into the fourth film, Morphin the Power.[2] In the beginning of the fourth book, Evan actually appears, within was join with Catwoman defend to kill Jane Hoop Elementary after killing Goldenman.[2]


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