Ryan Sheckler Hall Game

Ryan Sheckler, 22, is planning on to move in into his beau aka star of the Jane Hoop Elementary film series, Amy Tammie, so that he can spend time with her and keep their relationship alive.

Last year, 18-year-old Tammie refuses her beau moving in with her, because she wanted to get a life where no one is around her. This year, she is finally ready to make up her mind and what is she going to do for her Sheckler.

The couple were together for a year and a half since Tammie broke up from her co-star Blake Brown, whom were together for three years, where else their other co-stars Ben Linkin and Barbara Blue were together longer until they ended their relationship in 2011. Blue is currently dating rapper Bow Wow, where else Linkin is single.

Tammie and Sheckler may both be engaged, but they are not getting married yet. About a year ago, Tammie announces that she is set to marry Sheckler after high school graduation, but postones it so she can focus on attending college, as well as she postpones her acting career. Tammie is set to graduate next month.